Removable Pipe Bollards in Scottsdale

We were hired to install several removable pipe bollards in Scottsdale Arizona at a Jewish Community Center.  This job is located near Scottsdale Road and Sweetwater Road.  The Center was concerned about the safety of the children and wanted them installed in critical locations.  One location was near the outdoor play area so that no one could just drive in to the area.  Another area was in front of the school entrance and in entrance to a gate.

These particular removable pipe bollards (shown unfinished) are 8″ in diameter and 36″ above grade.  The bollard sleeves are 18′ deep.  Moyers Contracting always puts a locking hasp on the pipe to keep them secure.  However, we have made some without it.  It is something to think about since several bollards that we installed years ago were stolen from the job.  Locking them up keeps them in place and keeps unauthorized users from removing them.  These were welded Miller welding equipment.

We design and fabricate them so that when they are in the out position, a vehicle can easily drive through the area since they are flush with the concrete.

We’ve fabricated removable bollards using 4″, 6″, and 8″ pipe.  Our method is to leave them hollow so that they can more easily be removed and weld and steel cap.  This makes them more safe and keeps things from being put inside them.  We can make standard bollards that are concrete filled also.  Painted yellow or a basic color of your choosing.  Some clients want the bollards to have a plastic cover and we can provide those also in several colors.  Let us know if you need a price on removable pipe bollards or regular ones.

Phoenix Removable Pipe Bollards


Removable pipe bollards in Phoenix