Phoenix Parking Lot Striping at a Veterinarian’s Office

Here we were hired for a  parking lot striping job.  We also re-installed the concrete curb stops at a Veterinarian’s office on Meadowbrook Ave in Phoenix, which is near 40th Street and Campbell Ave. in the Arcadia District.

This was a smaller job which had about 15 regular parking stalls, 1 handicap symbol (ADA) stall with a handicap sign, and we re-set15 concrete bumper curb stops.  Hopefully you can see the chalk lines at the end of the stalls.  Our method is to chalk a baseline on every job so we know how long to make the lines.  We also tape the end of the line to catch the over spray so we get a clean line, not many other companies do this .

At Moyers Contracting, we are known for our quality and workmanship.  It takes more time and effort, but the results are worth the effort and our customers are always pleased with our work.  The parking lot paint that we used is made by Ennis Flint and it’s a fast dry paint that has a nice sheen to it.  Let us know if you need your parking lot striped in Phoenix or anywhere in the Valley and surrounding areas.

Parking lot striping and bumper curb Phoenix AZ