Parking Lot Stencils

Parking lot stencils can come in all shapes and sizes. At first thought, many people think that stencils are just 3″ to 4″ tall on a curb denoting a certain parking spot for the manager or they can simply say “Reserved.” However, stencils can come in all shapes and sizes. In the last twenty two years, Moyers Contracting has done stencils of all shapes and sizes ranging from 4″ “fire lane no parking” stencils to 8′ tall “stop” stencils. We have done 8′ “loading” stencils and 2′ “stop” stencils. Recently. we did some stecils in the Dunkin’ Doughnut parking lot. We have stenciled names, titles and numbers. We have stencils “Starbucks Parking Only” and “Reserved for Vice President.” Also, the painted square in handicap parking stalls is called a “handicap stencil.”

If you need stencils in your parking lot or at your home give us a call and we can begin working on your project.