Large Parking Lot Striping

We recently completed striping at the Adesa Auto Action on Beck Ave, just north of Chandler Blvd. in Chandler Arizona.  This job had over 80,000 lineal feet of striping, arrows and other miscellaneous striping such as painted red curb and handicap Stencils.

This job required a great deal of coordination with the facility since this facility holds over 10,000 automobiles.  We worked mornings, afternoons and weekends to stay on their schedule and to make sure that we striped after the paving and seal coating were complete.  Overall, everyone was happy with the outcome. Parking lot painting is much more than just getting a striping machine out putting down some paint.  The measuring and layout on each project is a critical part of the job that we don’t overlook.  For us, our main purpose is to stripe the parking lot with straight lines that have been accurately measured.  We chalk every line and put masking tape at the end of every line to catch the over spray and have a final product that is straight and uniform with crisp lines.

     If your job needs parking lot striping, please give us a call.  We do more than just striping.  We do handicap, stop, fire lane and do not enter sign installation.  Stencils, basketball court striping, pipe bollards and several other miscellaneous items in and around parking lots.   Our experience will ensure your job turns out to your satisfaction.