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Concrete Truck Wheel Stops

Moyers Contracting manufactures and installs the large concrete truck wheel stops.  Also known at truck curb, truck wheel stops, and truck tire stops. These are very large compared to the regular bumper curb.  They are eight feet long and twelve inches wide at the bottom.  They weigh about 700 pounds each.

These generally go at large truck maintenance and sales facilities.  They can go at bus barns or anywhere you have large machinery and want to keep it from hitting walls or running up onto side walks.  They can also, line a driveway or just make a long barrier. Please give us a call when you need large truck bumper curb or truck parking blocks.

Concrete Truck Parking Blocks

Concrete Parking Stops Near Me

Moyers Contracting has been manufacturing concrete parking stops for over twenty years. These are also called wheel stops, parking bumpers, bumpers, car stops, bumper blocks, concrete parking bumpers, and curb stops. Whatever name you prefer to call them, they are the concrete stops that are found in parking stalls. We sell several varieties: the most common is the six foot (long) curb (which is a MAG or Maricopa Association of Governments Spec) , we carry four foot, three foot and the very large truck curb. They vary in weight and size. The six foot parking bumpers are about 200 pounds and the truck curb are about 800 pounds.

In addition to stopping cars, concrete parking stops can be used as a border for a decomposed granite parking lot or as a barrier to keep people from driving into a certain section of your property. We can install parking bumpers on asphalt, concrete, gravel or decomposed granite. Moyers Contracting is the original source for concrete parking stops because we make them, transport them and install them. We can install parking bumpers on a job by job basis or we can deliver a load of 40 so that they can be used by you as needed and when needed. If you need parking lot concrete stops in Gilbert, Phoenix or anywhere in the state of Arizona, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Concrete Parking Stops
6′ Concrete Parking Stops
Concrete parking lot stops
Installed Parking Bumpers
Concrete Parking Stops
6′ Standard Concrete Parking Stops
Parking Bumpers
8′ Truck Bumper Curb
Parking lot concrete wheel stops
4′ Parking Bumpers

In addition to having concrete parking stops for sale, and parking lot concrete stops near me, we also do all types of parking lot maintenance including parking lot striping, signs, stencils, barricades, red fire lane curb painting, fire lane signs, and custom welding and fabrication.