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ADA Compliant Striping

ADA compliant striping is very important for the disabled.  ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities) and It allows them easy access to the building. It is also very important that businesses comply with and are in compliance with the ADA code. If your property does not have ADA parking lot striping and the correct ADA handicap parking signs installed, Moyers Contracting can assist with getting you into compliance. We follow the ADA parking requirements when striping and doing a new striping layout.  Below is a Chili’s Restaurant on Mill Ave in Tempe that did not have the proper ADA striping and signage. We were hired to correct this because the city cited Chili’s and wanted it done. We blacked out the old striping that interfered and re-striped to the proper code. We also installed one handicap sign and relocated two more handicap signs so that everything looked neat and uniform. The general manager was very happy that they are now ADA compliant.


If your property in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area needs the parking lot striping to be reconfigured, let a licensed contractor with over 20 years experience help you get the job done. We can help you with all facets of parking lot maintenance.