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Concrete Parking Stops

Moyers Contracting has been manufacturing concrete parking stops for over twenty years. These are also called wheel stops, parking bumpers, bumpers, car stops, bumper blocks, concrete parking bumpers, and curb stops. Whatever name you prefer to call them, they are the concrete stops that are found in parking stalls. We sell several varieties: the most common is the six foot (long) curb (which is a MAG or Maricopa Association of Governments Spec) , we carry four foot, three foot and the very large truck curb. They vary in weight and size. The six foot parking bumpers are about 200 pounds and the truck curb are about 800 pounds.

In addition to stopping cars, concrete parking stops can be used as a border for a decomposed granite parking lot or as a barrier to keep people from driving into a certain section of your property. We can install parking bumpers on asphalt, concrete, gravel or decomposed granite. Moyers Contracting is the original source for concrete parking stops because we make them, transport them and install them. We can install parking bumpers on a job by job basis or we can deliver a load of 40 so that they can be used by you as needed and when needed. If you need parking lot concrete stops in Gilbert, Phoenix or anywhere in the state of Arizona, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Concrete Parking Stops
6′ Concrete Parking Stops
Concrete parking lot stops
Installed Parking Bumpers
Concrete Parking Stops
6′ Standard Concrete Parking Stops


Parking Bumpers
8′ Truck Bumper Curb
Parking lot concrete wheel stops
4′ Parking Bumpers

Don’t forget, in addition to having concrete parking stops for sale, and parking lot concrete stops, we also do all types of parking lot maintenance including parking lot striping, signs, stencils, barricades, red fire lane curb painting, fire lane signs, and custom welding and fabrication.

Basketball Court Striping and Straight Lines

Moyers Contracting has thirty years experience striping basketball courts. Since we are known for having some of the straightest parking stall lines in the industry, that means that your basketball court lines will look just as outstanding. We can stripe and re-stripe your existing basketball court. This service can be performed at your home, daycare, school, church or club. In addition to striping basketball courts, we can stripe tennis courts, tetherball courts, volleyball courts, and 4 square courts. Our two crew leaders have a minimum of 20 years in the field with Moyers Contracting. What does that mean? Above all else; quality and professionalism. If you have any questions about what we can do for your next court striping project in the Phoenix area, please let us know.

Basketball Court Striping

Basketball Court Striping

This court is in Chandler at the San Marcos Park on Fairview St. near Arizona Ave. and Frye Rd.  For this job we used a Graco LineLazer striping machine using Ennis Flint striping paint.

What Can We Do For You?

If you need your parking lot striped or re-striped, give us a call. Our striping is known as some of the straightest and highest quality in the industry. Don’t forget about your playcourts; basketball, volleyball, four square and tetherball. We can also install Handicap signs, stop signs, various other signs. Our fabricators can also build your custom sign posts. If you need bumper curb, we can deliver and install them. Fire Lane signs and painted red curb are no problem for us. Repainting the red curb at your facility is no problem. Stencils on the curb and on asphalt? Yes we can.

Often times the end of a road or entry to undeveloped land will need a Type I or Type II Barricade. We can do them and paint them with reflective paint so that they stand out. If you need a gas tank, plumbing or other sensitive areas protected from getting run over, a concrete filled pipe bollard is a great way (and an industry standard) to do that. Often times, property management firms call on us to because we perform such and array of services. We can perform on-site welding also.

Whatever your site maintenance needs, there is a good chance that we can do it. Just give us a call and we can start talking about your needs. If you are in Gilbert, Phoenix, Mesa or most anywhere in Arizona, please think about using our services.