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Parking Lot Striping Stencils in Phoenix

Parking lot striping stencils are a common order for Moyers Contracting.  These were pretty straight forward.  “Preschool Parking Only” in a 12″ tall letter.  Basic white Ennis Flint fast dry traffic paint.  On many of our stencil jobs, we make the stencils so that they are one continuous segment.  This ensures that they are all straight and spaced in a uniform manner.

We can stencil numbers, letters, and numbers with letters as well as several other types.  Here are a few more examples of what we have done in the past.

Let us know if you need parking lot striping stencils done on your job.

Parking Lot striping stencils

This was done a Saint Francis Xavier Elementary school off Central Avenue in Phoenix.

Removable Pipe Bollards in Scottsdale

We were hired to install several removable pipe bollards in Scottsdale Arizona at a Jewish Community Center.  This job is located near Scottsdale Road and Sweetwater Road.  The Center was concerned about the safety of the children and wanted them installed in critical locations.  One location was near the outdoor play area so that no one could just drive in to the area.  Another area was in front of the school entrance and in entrance to a gate.

These particular removable pipe bollards (shown unfinished) are 8″ in diameter and 36″ above grade.  The bollard sleeves are 18′ deep.  Moyers Contracting always puts a locking hasp on the pipe to keep them secure.  However, we have made some without it.  It is something to think about since several bollards that we installed years ago were stolen from the job.  Locking them up keeps them in place and keeps unauthorized users from removing them.  These were welded Miller welding equipment.

We design and fabricate them so that when they are in the out position, a vehicle can easily drive through the area since they are flush with the concrete.

We’ve fabricated removable bollards using 4″, 6″, and 8″ pipe.  Our method is to leave them hollow so that they can more easily be removed and weld and steel cap.  This makes them more safe and keeps things from being put inside them.  We can make standard bollards that are concrete filled also.  Painted yellow or a basic color of your choosing.  Some clients want the bollards to have a plastic cover and we can provide those also in several colors.  Let us know if you need a price on removable pipe bollards or regular ones.

Phoenix Removable Pipe Bollards


Removable pipe bollards in Phoenix

Phoenix Parking Lot Striping at a Veterinarian’s Office

Here we were hired for a  parking lot striping job.  We also re-installed the concrete curb stops at a Veterinarian’s office on Meadowbrook Ave in Phoenix, which is near 40th Street and Campbell Ave. in the Arcadia District.

This was a smaller job which had about 15 regular parking stalls, 1 handicap symbol (ADA) stall with a handicap sign, and we re-set15 concrete bumper curb stops.  Hopefully you can see the chalk lines at the end of the stalls.  Our method is to chalk a baseline on every job so we know how long to make the lines.  We also tape the end of the line to catch the over spray so we get a clean line, not many other companies do this .

At Moyers Contracting, we are known for our quality and workmanship.  It takes more time and effort, but the results are worth the effort and our customers are always pleased with our work.  The parking lot paint that we used is made by Ennis Flint and it’s a fast dry paint that has a nice sheen to it.  Let us know if you need your parking lot striped in Phoenix or anywhere in the Valley and surrounding areas.

Parking lot striping and bumper curb Phoenix AZ

The Best SEO in Gilbert, AZ for all of Your Search Marketing Needs

For the past year or so, we have had Vertical Stealth Digital handling all of our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for our business here in Gilbert.  They are experts in the field and can help you get your website to the first page of Google.  Our traffic has dramatically increased and that has resulted in more opportunities and more sales.  We believe they are the best search engine marketing firm  not only in Gilbert but in the State of Arizona.  If you are looking for an SEO company to handle your SEO services, give them a shout.

Red Fire Lane Curb Painting

     If the red painted curb at your property has faded over the years and you need it to be re-painted, Moyers Contracting can help with that.  We have painted hundreds if not thousands of miles over the years.  We use a high quality Ennis Flint paint that will last for several years even in the Arizona sun.  If “fire lane no parking” stencils are needed we will apply those to the red curb once it is painted so that everything looks brand new (it essentially will be) and clear and easy to see.
Red Painted Curb for Fire Lane
Red Fire Lane Curb
     Also, if we are hired to re-paint red curb, we will scrape off as much of the flaking and peeling paint as we can so that the new paint will last longer and look cleaner.  Many times I see painted red curb others have done and the flaking paint is still there, it just has a new coat of paint on it.
     No matter what the reason is that you need to have your red curb re-painted, we can do it to your specifications.  Often times the city Fire Marshal will ask that it be redone so that there is no misunderstanding about where people can and cannot park.  This way the fire trucks can pull through without any cars in the way.  If you simply want to add new red paint to an existing curb so that people don’t park there, we can do it.  Wherever you need red painted curb, please let us know.  If you need other colors of paint in other areas, we can paint yellow curb, blue curb, and white curb if needed.
     Please keep us in mind if you need anything that we do beyond red painted curb, let us know.  Moyers Contracting does more than just red fire lane curb painting.  We work in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Surprise, Goodyear and Queen Creek.  Our other trades are parking lot striping, handicap signs, stop signs, no parking and do not enter signs just to name a few.  We also do custom signs with the verbiage that you choose.  Pipe bollards, barricades, and precast bumper blocks are also on the list.  We are a parking lot painting and striping business that has been around since 1987.

Church Parking Lot Striping

     We were recently hired to re-stripe St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Chandler, AZ.  It had been striped fairly recently, but the lines were not very straight (and that is being generous).  I would guess that whoever striped the parking lot before us, did not use chalk lines or tape to make sure the lines are straight and have crisp ends.  Even though it is a re-stripe job, we will still chalk lines so that we make every line as straight as possible even though the old lines are still there.  Also, to catch the overspray, we use masking tape to give the end of the line a straight look (see the picture in this post).
     If your church of office building needs to be striped or re-striped, Moyers Contracting in Gilbert Arizona can help.  We have been in business since 1987 and take great pride in our work to insure your satisfaction.  We want nothing more than to make you happy and have you continue to call us and refer us to anyone you know that needs our services now or in the future.
     Please call on us if you need any of the services that we provide. We also do signs, stencils, wheel stops, painted red curb, fire lane and no parking signs, and concrete filled pipe bollards. When in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Avondale, Glendale, Peoria, Goodyear, and Queen Creek and you need parking lot striping, please call us.

Truck Curb

Moyers Contracting manufactures and installs the large truck bumper curb.  Also known at truck curb, truck wheel stops, and truck tire stops. These are very large compared to the regular bumper curb.  They are eight feet long and twelve inches wide at the bottom.  They weigh about 800 pounds each.

These generally go at large truck maintenance and sales facilities.  They can go at bus barns or anywhere you have large machinery and want to keep it from hitting walls or running up onto side walks.  They can also, line a driveway or just make a long barrier. Please give us a call when you need large truck bumper curb or truck parking blocks.

Concrete Truck Parking Blocks

Large Parking Lot Striping

We recently completed striping at the Adesa Auto Action on Beck Ave, just north of Chandler Blvd. in Chandler Arizona.  This job had over 80,000 lineal feet of striping, arrows and other miscellaneous striping such as painted red curb and handicap Stencils.

This job required a great deal of coordination with the facility since this facility holds over 10,000 automobiles.  We worked mornings, afternoons and weekends to stay on their schedule and to make sure that we striped after the paving and seal coating were complete.  Overall, everyone was happy with the outcome. Parking lot painting is much more than just getting a striping machine out putting down some paint.  The measuring and layout on each project is a critical part of the job that we don’t overlook.  For us, our main purpose is to stripe the parking lot with straight lines that have been accurately measured.  We chalk every line and put masking tape at the end of every line to catch the over spray and have a final product that is straight and uniform with crisp lines.

     If your job needs parking lot striping, please give us a call.  We do more than just striping.  We do handicap, stop, fire lane and do not enter sign installation.  Stencils, basketball court striping, pipe bollards and several other miscellaneous items in and around parking lots.   Our experience will ensure your job turns out to your satisfaction.

More Reasons to Call Moyers Contracting

It goes without saying that you want to hire an experienced contractor for any work that you are not going to do yourself. And of course you want to get the highest quality of work possible.

Many companies try to talk about themselves and how great they are and how many projects they have done etc. At Moyers Contracting, we strive to explain how our services can benefit you. You are more important than we are. If you want to see how we can benefit you, just read through our other posts which endeavor to explain our high quality of work. Experience and Quality.

Our parking lot striping is known as some of the straightest and cleanest in the industry. We never water down paint to make it go farther. That would only lead to a poor product and you being unhappy. That benefits no one! Chalking and taping off the ends of lines are our normal practice. Sadly, many others do not take these extra steps. Sure, they may give you a lower price, but without chalking and taping every line, you will get a lower quality product.

If you need a parking lot striped in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler or anywhere in Arizona, please give Moyers Contracting a call.

Parking Lot Striping: Quality and Experience Counts

When Moyers Contracting Inc. gets on your job, we are putting over twenty years of quality work into the final result. We pride ourselves on putting out the best product possible. We are a company that specializes in many aspects of parking lot maintenance. When it comes to parking lot striping, we feel that our work is the best in the business because of some of the little things we do.
We chalk every line whether or not it is a new striping job or a re-striping job. On re-striping jobs, many stripers will just “eye ball” the lines and hope for the best. Moyers Contracting also tapes off every line at the end so that when you look down the line, it is straight, crisp and even. Many stripers will chalk a line at the end, but if they don’t tape off the lines, some of the stripe will be over the line and some will be under the line. This gives your job the look of poor quality and a company that doesn’t care. Moyers Contracting cares about every job we do and you will see that in the quality and workmanship. We never water down our paint so that it will go farther. Watering down paint is unacceptable for a company that strives for the higest quality on every job we do. We don’t want you dissapointed in the product or with us.
If you need any work in your parking lot; please consider giving Moyers Contracting a call and let our experience work for you.